All the best teachers

All the best teachers have
microphones or bed bugs.

Seeing caskets, go by the Roy
by the
raining face euphoric in bop.

Say, I
Go that way too.


horse and plow.

You should not need to teach
students what they should try, or
about manslaughter, about dirty rooms,
someone's empty room,
the carpet coming up in the corner,
grand juries, the danger of
people who talk incessantly,
who have perfect clothes, cocaine.

Marcus Civin’s writing verges from criticism to poetry to performance script. He is associate dean of graduate studies at Maryland Institute College of Art. He has published poetry in Out of Nothing, Recaps Magazine, The Cortland Review, Fold Appropriate Text, and Try Magazine, and has written for Art Papers, Afterimage,, Artslant, and Sculpture Magazine.